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I've been doing freelance web design since 2001.

Through my late teens and on in to college I was always fascinated by my friends who knew their way around computers like I knew the burrito menu at the local Mexican restaurant. My knowledge of computers extended as far as turning the computer on, logging on to the internet and checking my email or surfing the web. In my second year of college I visited a friend at his University and he was flexing his computer-literacy muscles and I remember asking him how he knew so much about computers. His response blew my mind, "I just get bored and teach myself how to do something. Whether he was actually getting bored or putting off homework is debatable,

as he'd put homework off until the absolute last minute, wait fifteen more minutes, then begin. Regardless, his answer inspired me to save up all my money from my summer job, and buy a state of the art desktop computer. Once I accomplished that I set out to teach myself as much as I could possibly learn about my new investment. A year later I was designing my first web site, for a friends clothing company. Within the next year I'd taken a myriad of classes and was well on my way to establishing myself as a web designer.

My projects have ranged from large, dynamic stites with member profiles and up-to-the-minute score reporting, to simple, static, sites for single individuals.

My writing career

and passion for the art predates my design career by decades. For as long as I can remember I've been intrigued and fascinated by language, originally English, and now any language. Accompanied by my interest in language I've had an undying passion for storytelling that goes all the way back to being four years old, sitting at the dinner table, and having my parents ask me, "What did you and your boys do today?"

Screenplays, novels, and short stories aren't the only form of writing that captivates my imagination. I also enjoy writing poetry and putting my useless sports knowledge to use by dabbling in the art of sports journalism.