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Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town, South Africa

Sole Searching: A story of a thirty-year-old man who loses his wife to cancer. Feeling like he has nothing left to live for, but too dignified for suicide, he sails out in to the Pacific in hopes that Mother Nature will finish the job he was unable to carry out. But will he meet his demise, or will he meet someone new that will give him a whole new meaning to life?
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A Novel Death
Floating through life down easy street, Michael, a college student, is given one shining opportunity after another to become a world renowned author. Adamant that he's a business major set to follow in the footsteps of his corporate big shot father, Michael's alcohol-enduced social lifestyle lead him to the brink of failure on every opportunity he's handed. Will he finally accept and harness his natural gift as a writer, or will his wild lifestyle lead him to a disasterous end?
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