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Online Articles

This feature on how to design a clean, simple website has become something of a blueprint for the web design community worldwide.

Here's a good article I wrote on designing a web presence for a green businesses.

A must read article for prospective designers just starting out and wanting to master Photoshop.

Bleacher Report: Sports Writing
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  • Dear MLB, We Need To Talk About Your TBS Contract - A cheeky article that received over 2,000 reads and over 100 comments.
  • Dear TBS, Please Stick To Dawson's Creek Re-runs or Just Shoot Me - Another cheeky piece that has over 1,000 reads.
  • Mike Lowell's Hip Surgery: "A Complete Success"
  • Unpublished Magazine Articles For Sale:

    Traveling With A Vegetarian: Is This Hell or a Steak House?
    Are you a vegetarian? Do you have a friend or a significant other that is? I happen to love meat, but date a vegetarian, and recently returned home from a one month vacation in South Africa, a very meat-loving society, where I visited with three friends, one of which was a vegetarian. In this article I recall some of the trials and tribultaions of dating and traveling with a vegetarian. Learn how others cope with being the odd man out while others make sacrifices and how a restaurant with by the daunting name of, "Carnivore" was enough to keep my friend waiting in the car while the rest of us went inside for lunch.
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    From California to Canada: Is mountain biking in Portland going rogue or going right?
    A feature length article on mountain biking trails and local trail building organisations in Portland, a popular stopping point for the throngs of California pedalers who migrate north to Whistler B.C. ever summer. This article explores the lifestyles of the riders and trail builders as they struggle to make legal sanctioned trails in the second most bicycle friendly city in the United States.
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    Door Works: Like A Boss
    An article on a Portland based, family owned and operated company established in 1973. Now in the second generation of ownership, get to know the companies tapemeasure-air-guitar-playing current owner, and son of the founder, as you learn what has kept such a small, niche, business going through a tough economy and housing market crash for nearly forty years.
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