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Narco: A biopic screenplay on the soccer-crazed, family man, Pablo Escobar.
Pablo Escobar, commonly referred to as El PatrĂ³n by his closest underbosses and sicarios, was responsible for the murders of thousands of people throughout the late 80's and early 90's while trafficking cocaine throughout the world and earning him a spot as the worlds seventh richest man in 1987 with a reported net worth of U.S. $20 billion. Narco explores the softer side of the drug lord, the man who spent millions on soccer and would do anything for his family.
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Coming Home: A story about curing post traumatic stress disorder with your dead bestfriend's wife.
Deegan returns home from Iraq and vows to carry out a promise he made to his childhood friend, Crawford, after watching him die on the battlefield. Deegan quickly begins a downward spiral of alcoholism to help him cope with his post traumatic stress disorder before he's able to face Carly, Crawford's wife, and newborn daughter. Deegan is fascinated by Carly's strength, considering her situation, and interprets her patience and caring for him as romantic cues.
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A War or Love: A spy during the Cold War goes AWOL to find meaning in life.
Denny, an American spy in Europe during the Cold War, begins questioning the events following his interception and cracking of Russian military inteligence and goes AWOL. While touring Europe on his Triumph motorcycle he meets Anali, an emotionally lost teen who decides to join Denny on a whim to spite her conservative paraents.
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